Tree branches are no longer just reserved for the outdoors or as part of your Christmas décor – now, you can bring this natural element inside and incorporate it into your wedding décor.

Initially when the trend for using natural décor came about, it was mostly in relation to table centrepieces. You can really create a dramatic effect by using branches in large and lavish centrepieces and accenting the branches with crystal beads, flowers or other ornaments that match your wedding theme and complementing décor.

Two very popular options for this style of décor are Mitsumata branches from Japan and Manzanita branches from right here in North America. The former has been used in Japan for centuries to make fine grade paper with and features a unique angular form that can be shaped after soaking. The latter, though native to North America, resembles the bonsai trees of Japan and comes in a fabulous form that’s exceptionally strong, which is perfect for filling the branches with lots of heavy bling.

In addition to table centrepieces, vases filled with decorative branches can also be placed on altars, at entranceways in the form of arches or arbours, for added décor on the cake or gift tables and, more recently, they can be used at the guest book table. Instead of using a guest book, the decorative branch arrangements can double as décor and a modern form of the guest book called a wishing tree.

A Dutch wedding custom, the wishing tree allows guests to write their wishes for the bride and groom on a piece of paper and hang it on the tree. As more cards are added, the tree becomes its own statement piece of décor. You can even add some of your personal touches to it and hang a few engagement photos or ornamental pieces that are meaningful to your relationship.

For more great tips on ways to personalize your wedding décor and how to add modern elements for a true wow factor, check out my other blog posts.

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