January was a busy month for wedding shows and is usually the time of year when most wedding shows are scheduled. I recently attended the Grand River Media wedding show, as well as the Hacienda Sarria. For brides, wedding shows can be great fun, but they can also be overwhelming, like a never-ending maze of vendors and handouts. Brides often ask me how to get the most out of the wedding show experience. The first thing I tell them is to wear comfortable shoes. This is very important as you’ll be doing a lot of walking and will likely be on your feet all day.

Brides should also do their homework in advance. They should narrow down what they are looking for and try to focus on those areas. Are you still looking for a wedding dress? If so, maybe you should focus on the sample dresses at the wedding show. Are there specific vendors that you are still looking for, such as a disc jockeys or wedding decorators? Focusing on the services that you need will help to reduce stress and maximize your experience. Since brides will receive a lot of handouts and written material at the wedding show, I also recommend bringing some sort of carry-all to store all of the handouts you will receive.

There are often many contests and giveaways at wedding shows, so you’ll spend a lot of time filling out entry forms. I recommend bringing a package of address labels to the show. The labels should be pre-printed at home, with your name and contact info on it. Then when you’re at the wedding show, instead of spending time filling out the entry forms, you can just take a label and stick it on the entry form. Another good idea is to take pictures, particularly if you have a camera on your phone.



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