As a wedding decorator, I have the opportunity to attend multiple wedding shows every year, and am able to visit and learn about many great venue locations. I recently participated in the wedding show at the Hacienda Sarria in Kitchener. Held the weekend of January 7, 2012, the wedding show brought together wedding vendors and suppliers, including caterers, photographers, decorators, and musicians. This open-house style show went really well, and a good time was had by all. I created a Victorian-inspired décor scheme along with Lori from Hollywood Weddings and Tina from Pink Poppi, which I will detail in a future blog.

This Spanish-style venue, located at 1254 Union Street in Kitchener, was designed to look like a Spanish Hacienda. It is certainly a diamond in the rough among all of the others in this area. Although the Hacienda Sarria has only been open since 2004, its location has a rich history, and dates back to 1902. It was originally built to house Canada’s first sugar beet mill, which greatly contributed to Kitchener’s urban development and growth. Since 1920, this location has been reinvented several times, and has been a distillery, a scrap metal yard, and most recently, a steel factory.

The Hacienda Sarria’s design was inspired by a walk in Northern Spain called the Road to Santiago de Compostela, and aims to recreate a Spanish ambience and feel, but also pays tribute to local artists and craftspeople. The Hacienda Sarria uses artwork and other items from local craftspeople, including wooden doors, stone and iron work.  Hacienda Sarria have beautiful facilities for weddings and corporate events. From a décor perspective, it makes a lovely backdrop for a wedding or corporate function.


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