Table linens are a very important part of your wedding décor and a lot of my brides ask me for advice on linens. Most reception venues will offer you their basic table linens included as part of the reception price, but I always recommend that couples spend a little money to upgrade to good quality linens. This will make all the difference in the look of your tables. The basic table linens that come with most reception packages are white or ivory, and are made with a simple, plain linen fabric. Often, the basic linens don’t cover the whole table, which just doesn’t look attractive. I always tell my brides that they should invest in nice table linens and chairs. And if you can, it’s a good idea to invest in nice chair covers for the chairs.

If you’ve got good quality linens, chair covers, and a nice centerpiece, you are on your way to having a beautiful wedding table for your reception. And you’re not limited to just white! There are many amazing colour and choices for your table linens, and I encourage my brides to be open to different colours and fabrics. I work with a wonderful supplier in Toronto who has sample books with many fabrics to choose from. Together, we can go through the samples and I can help you choose linens that will tie your décor together. I can also bring in samples for you to view. I am also happy to do a tablescape for you, which is a mock-up of your table décor complete with sample linens so you can see exactly what your table will look like.



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