Lighting can be a very important part of your wedding style and depending on the venue, it can be a décor element that works quite well. Not only is it an essential functional component of an event, the right lighting also provides a beautiful ambience. Lighting can play a big role in corporate events, as well as weddings. For corporate events, I will often bring in professional lighting experts who have the proper equipment to light up the whole venue. For weddings, we typically use our own LED lighting to light up and bring focus to a back-drop. Lighting is also used for the canopy and ceiling and can be used to illuminate the dance floor at a wedding. If you’ve hired a disc jockey for your event, they will typically also have a lot of lighting equipment that they will use to spotlight the couple during the grand entrance, first dance, or during speeches.

When you’re working with lighting, safety is the most important consideration and I always recommend working with trained professionals who have expertise in lighting, to ensure safety and an enjoyable event for all. However, if you’re not working with professionals, then it’s very important to check with the venue to see what you are allowed and not allowed to do with respect to lighting. Some venues will only allow for LED lighting, which is low wattage and low heat, as other types of lighting may pose a fire hazard. Others won’t allow lights or cords to run across the floor. So it’s important to check with the venue on the dos and don’ts and confirm what their rules respecting lighting are.



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