When brides and grooms are planning their wedding décor at both the ceremony and reception sites, there are lots of hidden opportunities to make the most of spaces that they wouldn’t otherwise think of.

At the ceremony site, decorating the aisle with pillar candles or flowers encased in glass vases is a beautiful way to give the bride that extra special entrance.

For wedding receptions, couples often focus on the style of the venue and want to ensure the reception room reflects their style and is also functional and attractive. However, couples sometimes forget that they can add additional elegance and fun to a reception by making the most of the lobby and the entranceway. Many receptions start with a cocktail hour, which traditionally keeps guests entertained while the bridal party is taking photos. It’s important to look at the venue and see what it has to offer. What type of lobby does it have? Are there opportunities to bring your wedding theme décor into the foyer and give your guests a sneak peek of what’s to come when they enter the reception room?

In the reception room itself, decorating the area around the entranceway gives your guests a great first impression, and invites them into your reception space. Putting nice draping over the entrance door can be a nice touch and assists the bride and groom with making the grand entrance they want. Your disc jockey can help with smoke machines and help you choose a song to make a grand entrance. There are a lot of ideas for dressing up the sign-in table and the guest book table so they match your table décor.


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