Wedding décor is the element that helps tie your whole theme together from the ceremony to the reception with every detail from entranceways down to centerpieces. But if you’re looking to stick to a budget with your wedding décor, then I suggest saving the wow factor for the wedding reception and keeping the ceremony décor simple.

Since it’s becoming more popular for couples to host their wedding ceremony and reception in the same place, this makes tying the décor of the two together even easier. You could have some simple arrangements at the altar or entrance to your ceremony site and have them transferred to the reception and placed at the entrance or head table there, too.

If your wedding ceremony is outside (and the weather cooperates), then let the natural décor create the setting and simply add an aisle runner for an easier walking path and possibly some sort of arch or urns as the makeshift altar. Just make sure that the aisle runner will hold up to the point of high heeled shoes!

If your ceremony is being held in a church or setting with rows of chairs, benches or pews, then you might consider sprucing up the first couple of rows with simple bows or tulle, which often has the practical use of letting immediate family know that this space is dedicated for them.

Traditional confetti, rice and even rose petals are often not allowed at most ceremony venues these days due to the mess they make and the environmental impact; but if you still like the idea of confetti, many modern brides give each guest a small bottle of bubbles that they can blow at the bride and groom as they exit the ceremony.

Ceremony décor is just one facet of wedding décor that I offer. Check out my website to find out more information about other services from Do It In Style.


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