I couldn’t do what I do as a wedding decorator without my team. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with what I consider to be among the best professionals in the business and I rely on my team to help liaise with the professional vendors that I work with and with the venue. My team is responsible for the set-up and take-down at our events and together we’ve created many spectacular events for our clients.

Setup can be time-consuming and can typically take up to four hours depending on volume. Before the event day, I give my team the timing and details of the set up and they usually arrive about an hour before me. Since they are pros and have been with me for quite a number of years, each team member knows which task is theirs and they make the whole process seamless. Like most work, team effort is the key! It’s about productivity, efficiency, attention to detail and most importantly having FUN. I will then help finish the setup and do the Backdrop draping. We all work together to make sure every detail is perfect. For take down it’s a team effort again, so they work together and pack everything up and off to storage and laundry.

My team has worked with me for over five years and that longevity has been a key to the success of Do it in Style. It’s so important to have a loyal staff that stays with you for the long-run. I know how much work is involved with setting up and taking down décor and I am constantly amazed at how effortless they make the whole process seem. It is a testament to their professionalism, expertise and knowledge. And as the owner of Do it in Style, I am grateful to my staff and value their hard work!



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