At a wedding reception, important—but often underrated—parts of the décor are the menu, place cards and the seating chart. Usually placed at the sign-in table or outside of the reception door, the seating chart will instruct guests where they should be seated. And when guests arrive at their tables, the menu and place cards will often be among the first things that they will see and there is one at each person’s place setting. With regards to décor, these items provide a real opportunity for brides and grooms to tie the look of their wedding together and perhaps incorporate them into the theme of their wedding.

An easy way to tie these items into your décor is to design them around the wedding’s colour palette. Usually, the menu, place cards and seating chart can all be pooled together to create a cohesive look and enhance the theme. Historically, place cards were typically only available in white, but today the sky’s the limit in terms of colour and style choices. Choose a nice font that is pleasing to the eye, maybe even matching it to the wedding invitation—is a subtle touch that your guests may not notice consciously, but it will definitely add to the elegance of the décor and tie your wedding theme together. I recommend that my clients have their menu, place cards and seating chart professionally printed. Putting a logo or symbol that is meaningful to the bride and groom is also a nice and personal touch.

I have many connections in the business and can refer my clients to design experts and printers and can also provide guidance with choosing a colour palette and tying these all together.




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