Many people know me as a decorator for weddings and other corporate events, but at Do it in Style, we help with all special occasions. Over the years, I’ve decorated for special events such as anniversaries. A 25th or 50th wedding anniversary certainly deserves a special party and the décor can be every bit as elegant as a wedding. For the silver and gold anniversaries, the colour palette would likely be silver for the 25th anniversary and gold for the 50th anniversary.

Deciding on the guest list is a fun part of planning an anniversary celebration. Many couples try to recreate their wedding guest list, including their wedding party. Of course, family and the couple’s children are also an important for these parties consists of family and usually also invite a lot of their wedding party.

Anniversary parties can be almost like a wedding. Some couples will do a vow renewal ceremony followed by a reception. At the reception, the couple may even have a head table with the people who were in the wedding party at the table. Some couples prefer to keep the décor and party simple, while others go all out like they’re getting married again. In terms of the décor, couples can have their wedding pictures, albums and wedding memorabilia on display. They will often do corsages for the bride, groom, close family and sometimes the wedding party.

Tables and centerpieces can vary in décor, but are typically a bit simpler than a wedding. Fresh flowers are very popular and silver and gold linens, chair covers and accessories such as a candelabra or silver or gold table number frame will be incorporated into the table décor.



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