When it comes to wedding décor candles are one of the best ways to create a romantic ambience. Inexpensive and beautiful, candles create a beautiful glow during the ceremony and add a touch of elegance to any reception table. They can also minimize the need for flowers, as you can alternate between flowers and candles with your wedding décor. When using candles, they must be contained in glass, and a glass-enclosed candle adds that finished look to any table. Open-flamed candles are never allowed in either ceremony or reception venues.

Candles come in all shapes and sizes: pillars, votives, tea lights, and floating candles. Flameless candles can also be a good (and safe) choice. Candles are a beautiful part of any centerpiece. It’s a good idea to put a bit of water at the bottom of your glass before inserting the candle. This makes it easy to clean up and it won’t stick to the glass. During the ceremony, you can even have candles in large vases illuminating the aisle as the wedding party walks down.

A candelabra is also a beautiful option, as is having lots of cylinder glass vases with different heights, sizes, and shapes, and placing flowers in some of the vases and candles in the others. These can also be used for the ceremony. Lanterns are a great option for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

Candles also make a great favour—everyone loves them and they are a gift for your guests that are functional as well as attractive. Many couples also opt to have a unity candle ceremony as part of the wedding, where two individual candles representing the individuals are lit, and then together, the couple lights a larger candle to symbolize their coming together.


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