In a country as ethnically diverse as Canada, more and more people are marrying outside of their original culture. It’s important to create a comfort level for your guests at your wedding and décor can play a big role in celebrating two cultures coming together in marriage. You want to incorporate some décor items from both cultures. I find the choice of what to incorporate is very individual and I typically consult with the bride and groom to see what ideas they have and what they would like to include. Over the years, I’ve found that incorporating cultural elements is used more often in the ceremony. For example, I’ve seen Indian/Canadian weddings that have both the traditional Indian ceremony, as well as a church ceremony. Traditional dress from both cultures can also be used. There are also other couples that opt to have a traditional ceremony from one culture, while highlighting the other during the reception.

The reception can also be a good place for fusing the different cultures, through the favours, food and table decor. Having a buffet with menu items from both cultures is a great way to celebrate both cultures. Some couples highlight the different cultures through the entertainment, by hiring dancers or musicians from a specific culture and having a performance during dinner. The DJ can also play music from both cultures and alternate the music between them. In my experience, couples will usually decide to keep the reception more westernized. The wedding cake can also have touches of both cultures in its flavour and décor.

It’s important that the bride and groom consult with their families and find out what elements are important to them.



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