Outdoor weddings have grown in popularity over the years and I love decorating for this style of wedding because my team and I essentially get to create the space completely from scratch with just a tent and a floor to work with.

In recent years many couples have forgone the ballroom and setup their weddings on a farm or in a large backyard, potentially with the ceremony outside and the reception inside the tent with the outdoors still nearby. But with unpredictable weather in this part of Ontario, I cannot stress enough that if you plan to have your wedding ceremony outside, you need to have a backup plan in case of inclement weather.

There are many more details to tend to with an outdoor wedding since you’re creating the wedding venue, so I’d also recommend that you hire a wedding planner, if not for the whole event then at least for the day-of so that you can just relax and enjoy.

My team and I can of course create whatever theme you’d like for your outdoor wedding, but to offer a few ideas from trends I’ve seen lately, the marquee setting has been very popular and can be very elegant. A marquee is a large and lavish tent that offers a blank canvas for your wedding theme to come to life, and you can have the sides up or down depending on the weather, add a dance floor, tables and even heating.

My favourite aspect about a marquee, aside from the fact that it allows for complete creative freedom when it comes to the décor, is that you can tailor the setting to your guest list instead of having to tailor the guest list to the setting. With varying sizes of marquees, you can hire one that’s as large or small as you need.

For more tips on ideas for wedding décor, check out my other blog posts, then call me to setup a consultation at 519-579-7918.


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