For brides and grooms that want to add that personal touch to their wedding décor, adding personal photos is the perfect solution. Photos are personal, sentimental and give guests a window into the married couple’s lives and history. It is also a cost-effective décor option for couples on a budget. I often work together with my clients to incorporate photos into their décor. Placing personal photos at the entranceway—maybe a large poster-style photo of the bride and groom at the entrance—makes a statement and creates a comfortable ambience for guests.

A selection of framed photos on the sign-in table is also a perfect way to give that personal feeling to your guests. These can be done either as a poster-style collage, or in individual frames. Displaying engagement photos, or old wedding photos from parents’ and grandparents’ weddings, is also a great touch. Sometimes couples will like to display less formal photos that are near and dear to them, maybe of a close relative that has passed away. Getting a photo book of favourite photos made and using it as the sign-in book, is also a fun way to incorporate photos into the décor.

In addition to the sign-in table, another idea is to incorporate photos into the table décor. As part of the theme, photos of the couple on vacation can be incorporated into the centerpieces, or placed in small frames on the tables. Photos are also a great option for the table number cards, with the photo on one side and the table number on the other side. The cake table also provides an opportunity for incorporating photos.

If you’re concerned about the photos taking up too much room on the reception tables, many couples opt to have a slide slow of favourite photos and special moments playing throughout the reception. I can help brides and grooms to make the best use of photos and use them in the best way to create an elegant and personalized, reception.



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