Theme weddings are always great fun and over the years I’ve worked on some really interesting and exciting ones, including Hollywood and Carnaval themes. If you have a favourite book or movie, it’s a great idea to plan your wedding around it. The ideas are limitless and are really creative and add a personal touch, as they reflect something meaningful to the bride and groom. I recently heard of a couple who used a Star Wars theme for their wedding. They had a traditional church ceremony, with the reception in the church hall. Mixed in among the traditional elements of the wedding, splashes of Star Wars were sprinkled throughout the wedding. Instead of the traditional recessional song, the musicians played The Imperial March. In the church hall, the bride and groom had an animated Star Wars movie poster, with the bride and groom’s faces on the poster as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leih. At the reception, each table was named with a different planet or character from Star Wars and it was great fun for the guests to be escorted to a specific Star Wars-themed table. Star Wars trivia cards were also placed at each table, which encouraged the guests to interact with each other and potentially win a prize.

If you love books, why not have your wedding at a location that gives that comfortable, literary feel? If you love a specific book, you can have a great time incorporating the period, theme and characters of the book. As with the Star Wars theme, if you love a specific author, naming your tables after each of his or her books is a nice touch.



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