As a wedding decorator, I’ve worked with a wide variety of venues over the years and in the past, liability insurance was something that only a few venues would ask for. However, in recent years, I’ve noticed a big shift. When a couple books a venue and then hires me to decorate it, more and more venues are requiring me to provide a copy of my liability insurance certificate.

Liability insurance protects against claims from those who may become injured or if damage is caused to property. It protects the venue if a supplier like me gets injured while setting up at a venue, or if unforeseen damage occurs to the venue. Liability insurance is a must for any professional who performs a service, even if he or she works from home. If that person has clients visiting their home office, they need liability insurance.

In my job, when setting up at a venue, I am often climbing ladders, working with lighting and performing other potentially hazardous tasks. The venues have to cover themselves against these types of claims, so it is imperative that vendors working at a venue be insured.

Liability insurance usually covers accidents, fire and unforeseen events. For example, if I’m using a spotlight, it can accidentally overheat and set a fabric on fire. In fact, at some venues I’ve worked with, they won’t let vendors use their ladders or equipment, so in these cases I need to bring special supplies.

I advise brides to confirm with their venue when they book their reception whether the venue has liability insurance. They can also enquire with me about my liability insurance coverage at their appointments with me.



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