Every bride wants to have a beautiful and unforgettable wedding, complete with an elegant and memorable décor. However, weddings can be expensive and when you look at the price of everything involved, the costs can really add up. When it comes to wedding décor, there are unlimited choices. But for brides on a budget, there are beautiful options to suit any price point. Brides often ask me about saves and splurges—what are the must-have elements that they should splurge on and what items can they leave out to save money?

I always advise brides to spend their wedding dollars wisely. In my experience, there are three must-have things that every couple should splurge on: chair covers, good quality linens and centerpieces. If you do nothing else, I recommend splurging on chair covers. They can really transform the room. Good quality linens and beautiful centerpieces will also make a huge impact on the look of your reception decor. With these three critical components alone, you will have a beautiful wedding décor. Dressing up the head table is also a nice option if there is money left over. A lot of couples get caught up in the look of their wedding venue and don’t know what the food is like. It’s very important to have a nice meal at your reception, so I recommend that couples don’t skimp on the food. Before selecting a venue, couples should try a meal there and evaluate the quality of the meal and the service.

Where can brides save money? I love doing backdrops and ceiling canopies, but if you’re on a tight budget, these are items you can save on. To save our clients money, we also offer a do-it-yourself service, where clients can pick up and return the chair covers and put them on the chairs themselves. The venue itself can also be a place for couples to save—by shopping around, you will see which venues will give you the best bang for your buck.



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