E-coverNew Year’s Eve is a great time for a wedding. Fun, festive and with the promise of a new year to begin a couple’s new life together, it’s a great time for a couple to begin their married life together while also ringing in the New Year with family and friends. A lot of engaged couples are opting to have a December 31st wedding date and New Year’s Eve offers many ideas for wedding décor. For these weddings, glamour is the word of the day. There are lots of special touches that can add that sparkle to a New Year’s Eve wedding.

I will be decorating a wedding this New Year’s Eve and the décor will be chic and elegant. The colour palette will be black and white. Black and white linens and black chair covers will give the reception an air of formality and class. To ring in the New Year, a large, decorative clock will be incorporated into the décor to enhance the theme. I am also creating a table containing all the New Year’s Eve amenities, such as top hats, tiaras, streamers, balloons and noise makers. The centerpieces will be simple and elegant and will feature three martini glasses of different heights, filled with coloured ice, to give the look of cocktails.

For New Year’s Eve weddings, it’s a nice idea to begin the ceremony in the evening, to add to the festive feel of the wedding. Silver and gold are also great colours for New Year’s Eve and can be paired with either black or white for a classy colour palette. Sparklers are also fun and festive and can also make an original favour, if your venue allows them. A champagne tower is another fun idea for a New Year’s Eve wedding.



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