I was recently thinking about the wedding tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and it brought back the memories of when I got married. I incorporated that tradition into my own wedding and many brides continue to follow the tradition.

It usually applies to the bride’s wedding outfit, rather than the décor, but some couples do incorporate these elements into their wedding décor. And even though it be something that the guests won’t outwardly notice, it adds a special touch to a wedding and is personal and sentimental to the bride.

Something old represents moving on into the future. Brides who are looking for something old can wear a piece of jewellery that perhaps belonged to their mother or grandmother. This is what I did for my own wedding. A vintage compact, ribbon, an old button from one of the bride’s father’s suits sewn into the bride’s wedding dress, are all good ideas for something old.

Something new symbolizes a couple’s optimism for their new life together. It is usually the bride’s dress, although sometimes brides will wear a dress that is passed down through the generations. The bride’s makeup, jewellery, hair style, are also ideas for something new.

Something borrowed represents borrowed happiness. Borrowed can be something given to the bride by a friend or family member. Something old and something borrowed can also be the same thing, as some of the something old items can also be borrowed. You can borrow a piece of jewellery from a friend, borrow a handkerchief, or prayer book, or reading from a family member’s wedding. The something borrowed doesn’t have to be limited to the ceremony. The bride and groom can “borrow” their first dance song. My something borrowed was an old handkerchief that my mother lent me.

Something blue represents love and fortune. It can be the bride’s garter, incorporating blue into the wedding décor, incorporate a blue ribbon into the bride’s bouquet, or have a blue flower in the bouquet.



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